Daily General Message 10/20

Daily General Message:  You are needing to go back to school to gain more knowledge on your skills or gifts.  For some of you, you have so much talent but you don't know what to do with it.  You are needing to hone in on your skills.  Learn more about it.  How can you help yourself and others.  PRACTICE.  You are needing to exercise this skill so you can get stronger in it.  If you are working on spiritual gifts, use them every day.  Again, it's like a muscle where you work it out to grow stronger.  Granted, you don't want to wear yourself out but make sure you using it.  With others, you are needing to learn from others.  Learn a new skill that can help you not only now but in the future when trying to grow a business, setting a goal or achieving your purpose.  Don't just wait for things or information to come to you, go out and learn.  Broaden your horizon.  You will be amazed what is out there if you give it a chance!  MESSAGE:  GET TO LEARNING!


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