Daily General Message 10/14

Daily General Message:  Are you ready for a new beginning because it's coming?  Even though we are in Mercury Retrograde at this time, you have already worked for what is coming for you.  During this time you are being asked to review it and make sure that this is truly the path that you want to take.  For a lot of you, you're starting let go of things that have been holding you back including your own fears or worthiness of something.  You are starting to understand that you deserve abundance in your life.  You are ready to show the universe that you are ready to use the gifts that they bestowed upon you and letting go of  feeling not good enough for them.  You need to know that you are manifesting this new beginning.  You are manifesting this path the get what your heart desires.  Trust in yourself and the process.  Trust that what is meant for you is for you and will not pass you.  You are ready for this so don't get scared when you start seeing how you are bringing what you want close to you.  You got this!  MESSAGE:  IT'S TIME FOR A NEW BEGINNING!


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