Daily General Message 10/12

Daily General Message:  You have been very impatient when it comes to abundance coming into your life.  Know that you are on the right track.  I know it's hard to wait when you know that you are on the right path but divine timing is in play when it comes to you reaching the level you are trying to achieve.  For some of you, there are still things that you are still needing to work on such as patience, learning to deal with others messing with your energy or getting you upset and  so forth.  You are learning so much about yourself when dealing with the price of success.  Yes, there are good things but there are bad things to it as well.  You are learning how to deal with the negative aspects so it doesn't impede to much into you enjoying your success.  Just know that success is coming to you.  Your hard work is paying off so don't doubt it.  You have already planted the seeds and nothing grows overnight.  It's going to take time but know your time is coming.  MESSAGE:  YOU ARE NEEDING TO HAVE PATIENCE AT THIS TIME FOR YOUR SUCCESS.


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