Daily General Message 10/06

Daily General Message: Know that you can't fix people that don't want to be fixed. For some of you, you're trying to hold on to a friendship, family member or acquaintance that just can't be helped at this time. This is because you've done all you can and now it's time for their divine team to take over and help them. There are times we have to learn lessons by ourselves and this may take us separating from the people we care about to do just that. For some of you, you will see this person again and talk to them when the time is right, for others you will be saying goodbye but when you do, you both will be in a healing place and not a negative one. MESSAGE: YOU CAN'T FIX THEM, THEY NEED TO FIX THEMSELVES. CARDS USED: POWER OF SURRENDER BY JUDITH ORLOFF Does today's reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments! If you're interested in a personal reading, stay connected with social media, giveaway or donate towards future content, click here Thank you for the love and support. *** PLEASE LOVE AND SHARE! *** #daily #general #message #surrender #fix #trust #faith #hope #believe #patience #guidance #GOD #Spirit #source #angels #universe #guides #tarot #Oracle #mysticravenjade

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