#BestMode, Ready For November

Wow, it’s really happening. That’s my thoughts to myself as I am getting up and gearing up for November. I’ve recently have been experiencing tower moments but I know that these moments were to get me up and going. Recently, my grandmother was diagnosed with COVID-19. She is where I draw my strength from and this told me that things can change in an instant and not to procrastinate. My 9-5 job where I worked for over 3 years told me on Friday that after Nov 30th, I will no longer be in furlough but unfortunately terminated due to corporate layoff. So, this sense of if things with my business didn’t pick up, I felt I had another avenue to go back to. Lol, Spirit is saying no this is your destiny. Finally, yesterday my boyfriend and I broke up. I didn’t realize it until it was done how free I felt. I wasn’t being myself around him and when he just sent me an emoji of DUECES and deleted me from Facebook, I knew I made the right decision. Why am I telling you all this? To show you that no matter how you try to stay “comfortable”, Spirit will push you to your destiny and remove the things that no longer serve you or create situations that will make you get off your ass. So, what are you needing to focus on this month?

SELF CARE! This month is a time to focus on yourself. Can’t say it enough, work on eating healthy or if nothing else in moderation. Exercising is also a good way not only to get in shape but to ground yourself from crazy energies entering your aura. Self care doesn’t always have to be physical. It’s about creating boundaries around you and not worrying about any drama that people try to cause around you. Start understanding that saying “NO” isn’t being mean, but a form of protection at times.

SELF LOVE! This month is a time to show yourself some love. Do something special for yourself. So many times we are looking for love outside of ourselves or giving it away to others instead of the one we need to give it to the most, ourselves. So, take yourself out on a date sometimes. When you are showing yourself how to love you, you are teaching by example and showing others how to love you as well. There is a difference between self -love and selfish. You don’t have to lower your standards of loving yourself but know when it is crossing that border.

SELF WORTH! This month is a time to realize your worth. Show others that you will not be trampled on. You will find your voice this month. You will learn that your time and energy is valuable. Sometimes we settle for things whether it is a relationship, job or just situations in life because we feel we don’t deserve better. Don’t you know that you are truly amazing and you need to know your worth. Believe that you are worthy of all that comes to you.

This month, I would like you to focus on self-care, self-love and self-worth! You need to know that you are worthy, loved and cared for. Experiences in life cause us to look at these different aspects of our lives and question, are we truly taking care of ourselves. Just know that if I can get through my craziness, you can too. I believe in you and for the month of November, YOU GOT THIS!

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