Welcome to April 2022! So, what can you expect this month? So, I decided to pull from the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle and we have 9 OF PENTACLES UPRIGHT. This is going to be a very abundant month for a lot of people. If you have been working your tail off, you are going to see how your hard earned efforts are about to pay off. This is going to be your month to shine. Are you ready? For some of you, someone is going to think you are so beautiful/handsome. They see your value and worth and they are going to treat you as such. So, don’t start self-sabotaging but know that you are worth all this admiration and love. You have been so hard on yourself but now it’s the time to value you. That is what a lot of people is going through this month as well. You are going to realize your worth. If you let people take you for granted, you’re not having that for the month of April. You’re done with that. You are starting to think about you and what you are wanting. So, go into April with your head held high and ready for new beginnings!

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