Act Like A Kid Again

Back at it again with putting myself out there.

So, this past weekend was new member meet up at this club I was in. I was so nervous again because I didn’t know what to expect. So, as I’m going to the address and wondering why it’s so familiar. It’s right by my old elementary school. Sure enough I’m passing the old movie theatre that my mom would take me and my brother and I would love running up the stairs to the balcony which it is now a church. I turn down the stress to my elementary school and I see that they have build on to the it and the big tree that we all would duck and hide in was gone. It made me a little emotional but it was amazing to even see it. There was a building my mom would pass when she would come pick us up and drive home was still there and I thought “Damn that building is old.” It was amazing just to see how much the area has grown.

Now, driving to the event, it is PACKED! My first thought was how the hell am I going to get in there. So, I had to park at the end of the road and walk. So, as I’m walking to the place I’m feeling my anxiety starting to get the best of me. I can encourage people and talk to people all day long on line but it’s another thing to be face to face with people when I haven’t done that in forever. So, I put on my mask and start to walk towards the back where I see the group’s sign. The nice girl that walked me to the crawfish festival was there to sign me up and she was very nice. Maybe I bonded with her because she was black and big boobs like me lol. So, the event’s manager (who I have a crush on) was there and as always very nice. I started walking over and eyeing the games and he asked me which one looked interesting which honestly Family Feud did. He walked away to go mingle with the other people coming in and of course I would see people jumping into their groups and like umm, back to my phone (something I need to stop doing) but let’s be honest, when you’ve been a hermit and in your own space, it’s hard to come out of your shell.

So, the meeting is about to start and luckily the girl I first met my first night is there so we are like stuck like chuck together. She is a divorcee and me being just ole single and moms, we had a bond and plus we still were feeling people out. So, the main event coordinator came (need to find a name for him), came to the front and started talking to us about the benefits of the groups and what we could expect. Then he decided to go around the room so everyone could introduce each other and he would ask you a question. So, I’m already wondering what he would ask but it seemed simple enough. So, he gets to me and I say the normal. So, he asked my favorite music which was awesome that as I’m Clairaudient that he would talk about music how my angels and guides communicate with me. So, he did ask me my last concert was and I think my answer shocked him because he had a genuine smile on his face (FALL OUT BOY) and OMG this man’s dimples. So, after introductions we had to play human bingo to get people to get up and talk to each other. It was fun but while saw this really cute guy and I was looking at his face that I didn’t even notice that he was missing fingers on his right hand. I try not to look anyway but then he excused himself to go mingle. Which I was ok with but the events manager came to me and told me that I should mingle. Lol, I was but my ass is slow and it was nice that he noticed lol. I could feel his eyes on me at times but just thought I imagined it.

So, after socializing, they broke us up in groups to play games. We played this meme game that was like card of humanity. It was fun but the cute guy with the missing fingers was very know it all so it irritated me and was like nope. So, after everyone breaks after the game and still bored, the host girl looks at me and ask if I wanted to play a game and I said sure. She was friendly and I found out one of the guys there was her boyfriend. LMAO, her boyfriend is blue eyes and nice so I was like more things in common because I am a sucker for blue eyes. So, we decided to play movie trivia and another game like Cards of Humanity game. We were having so much fun that I stayed over an hour longer than I planned to. I was finally starting to let down my guard. So, getting ready to leave, I saw the snarky cute guy was outside of the room playing pool and talking to a skinny beautiful black girl and Hispanic guy. I was like yeah good luck with that lol. As I was walking out, the host from the first event saw me leaving and told me bye and see you again. He was such a friendly soul that I was all I could do was smile at that.